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Church of Christ Teen Camp Staff

Committed to Our Teens

The staff and counselors of Church of Christ Teen Camp realize a unique calling to serve and support teens. Through this camp they strive to:

  • Promote moral and spiritual growth among the young people.

  • Promote Good Christian fellowship.

  • Provide an atmosphere for wholesome activities and fun.

  • Provide activities that will help prepare the youth for life

The camper to staff minimum ratio is one adult for every eight campers.


Camp Coordinators

Elder Bob Hedrick and his wife Liza are the Teen Camp Coordinators.



Each cabin will have at least one lead Counselor and possibly a Counselor-In-Training. These adults provide direct supervision and help guide the youth of the camp by setting an example of Godly behavior in keeping with the Camp's purpose and theme.


C.I.T.s faithfully assist the staff Counselors in all of their duties. They willingly learn from them, building good leadership skills. C.I.T.s are energetic in their participation in all aspects of the camp, whether it be a fun activity or work. Are you a Church of Christ member interested in becoming a C.I.T.? Email Liza and Bob Hedrick for more information by clicking here.

It's a messy job...but someone's got to do it!

As 2015 Teen Camp Counselors Riley Mengarelli and Amanda Stratton can tell you, sometimes the job can get a little messy - from unmade bunks to campfire skits at their expense!

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